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At Mediahuis, we are looking for …

Functional Analyst for the data domain. And we believe you are the right person.

Because we need,
an analytical person with a clear sense of responsibility. Someone who approaches tasks with a keen eye for detail.

Are you starting to dream when you read this? Then read on carefully, because it will only get better!

Here’s a summary of what the job entails:

  • As a functional analyst, you form the bridge between the data tracking team and the other product teams involved;
    You will form a picture of the tracking needs and translate these into requirements and specifications for the development team;
    You discuss these specifications with the parties involved and determine a plan of approach in terms of data access. In doing so, you are aware of the technical limits and possibilities;
  • Important for this is that you quickly become familiar with the functionality and technicality of our data products;
  • You are a crucial link in the process of measuring in digital products. You form a good picture of what we specifically want to measure and draw up the necessary specifications and measurement plans for this;
  • When the necessary measurements and/or services have been developed, you validate your expectations and test the happy flow;
  • Together with the Product Owner, you monitor timing, progress, dependencies, issues and risks and communicate this to the necessary stakeholders, inside and outside the team;
  • You help monitor the quality of the data, and try to standardise and simplify the data layer as much as possible across titles and products.


What will be your second home now?

You will start working at TPS, Mediahuis’ International IT & data department. Together with your colleagues, you will work on the underpinnings that make it possible to measure the performance of articles, ads and marketing campaigns. Thanks to you, we know, for example, how to boost the quality of our subscription sales.

What’s on your CV,

is important but far from the only thing we care about. We find it at least as important that you want to go all the way, just like us. Passionate about data and also structured and analytical. You can deal with the fact that priorities can suddenly change along the way. You enjoy growing the team and helping others move forward.

You have experience in collecting and structuring functional and technical specifications and get energy from the bridge role between the technical teams and your (internal/external) customers. That you have a good level of abstraction and know how far to go in detail goes without saying. A strong affinity for data, along with knowledge of data layering and tag management, is highly valued.

What do you get in return?

Just as we believe in the uniqueness of all our brands, we also believe in the uniqueness and personality of all our people. At Mediahuis it is not merely about your job, but also about your growth and career opportunities. In addition to the basics (a good salary, fringe benefits, etc.) we mainly focus on a pleasant work environment, flexible work arrangements (teleworking, flexible hours), and continuous training opportunities. Mediahuis is more than an employer, just as you are more than the words on your CV. You can get an idea of our company culture and atmosphere on various social media channels.

Now it’s up to you!

Will you take your chance or continue to daydream? If the position of Functional Analyst seems to fit you like a glove, please don’t hesitate to apply via the button below. Getting acquainted can’t hurt.

You don’t fully match this profile, but are motivated to take the next step in your career? Come talk to us!

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