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Hijabis At Work is a specialized job and internship board dedicated to connecting hijab-wearing women with inclusive employers. It’s a platform that facilitates opportunities while fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

No, Hijabis At Work is open to everyone. While our primary focus is on supporting hijabi-wearing women, we encourage inclusivity and diversity for all job seekers and employers.


By joining Hijabis At Work, your company can access a diverse talent pool and demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity. You’ll connect with highly skilled professionals and contribute to a more equitable workplace.

To post job or internship listings, simply create a company profile on our platform, and you’ll have the option to list available positions that welcome hijab-wearing individuals.

Yes, Hijabis At Work welcomes companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. Inclusivity knows no bounds, and we encourage organizations of any size to participate.

Yes, there are specific requirements for companies to join Hijabis At Work as inclusive employers. It is mandatory that companies on our platform accept women wearing hijab in all areas of the company, for every job, without exceptions. Additionally, companies must affirm that they are not part of or linked to a political party. These requirements are integral to our mission and the core values of creating a truly inclusive and non-discriminatory platform for both job seekers and inclusive employers. Companies must meet these criteria to post job openings on Hijabis At Work.

No, posting your job openings on Hijabis At Work is free of costs. This way, we want to encourage companies to publish their opening here.


No, you can explore job and internship listings, learn about inclusive employers, and discover resources related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace without creating an account on Hijabis At Work.

If you would like to bookmark job openings, you do need to create an account.

Hijabis At Work streamlines the job search process by providing access to inclusive employers and opportunities that respect your choice to wear a hijab. We aim to empower hijab-wearing candidates with a platform that values diversity and supports their professional growth.

Candidates can set job alerts in their dashboard, to receive notifications about new job listings that meet their criteria. 

No, Hijabis At Work is a free platform for candidates. There are no costs associated with exploring job listings, company profiles, or resources.

Why not just an inclusive database for everyone

The answer is simple – We work with hundreds of diverse companies each year. We can’t guarantee that a company is 100% inclusive in every aspect for everyone. However, we can assure you that wearing a hijab at work will never be an issue at companies listed on this database. It’s as straightforward as that.

Check our Terms and Conditions for more information about this.

Found a bug?

While Hijabis At Work is in its early stages, we value your input. If you spot any bugs, typos, or errors on our website, please report them. Your feedback is crucial as we work to enhance your experience. Thank you for helping us grow and improve!

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