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    Friends of Europe is an independent think tank with a difference. We are passionate about good policymaking. We support a multilateral world in which all levels of governance, the private and civil society sectors, as well as citizens, cooperate to solve common challenges. We believe that pioneering ideas and effective policies stem from breaking down silos and building communities of trust between policymakers, business leaders, civil society representatives and individual citizens.

    At our core, we embrace European values and freedoms. We are committed to social justice and equality. We believe in partnership and solidarity. These are the core components of a more inclusive, sustainable and forward-looking Europe.

    ‘Connect – Debate – Change’ is our DNA and central to the way we work. Through our whole-of-society, whole-of-economy approach, we engage and connect critical thinkers, unusual voices and those who are ready to challenge the status quo.

    We craft bold and innovative recommendations with stakeholders across Europe and the world to revitalise the European Project and shape a renewed 21st-century social contract that is based on peace, prosperity, inclusion and sustainability.

    Connecting voices from a diversity of backgrounds, we are a driving force for debate. This is how we catalyse change.

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